Privacy and Security Policy

  1. Definitions
    1. The Flooring Network (PTY) Ltd T/A Floornet
  2. Privacy Policy
    1. Any information which you provide to Floornet , whether on any forms you complete or through this web site, and any information which Floornet has about you will be regarded by Floornet as personal information as defined in section 1 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25 of 2002 and, subject to the Terms and Conditions, be treated in accordance with section 51 of that Act, to which Floornet voluntarily subscribes and with which it endeavours to comply.
    2. No personal information will be disclosed to third parties without the user’s permission; however, Floornet may share personal information with business partners.
    3. Floornet gathers and will be in possession of the following private and personal information of users:
      1. Information provided by the user voluntarily
      2. Information automatically provided (e.g. cookies) – this information is gathered to improve the efficiency of your browsing on the Floornet web site. Cookies are harmless to your computer and do not carry viruses.
    4. By using this web site the user consents to the following:
      1. Floornet may use your personal information for communication purposes from time to time. Users may request to be removed from any communication system at any time;
      2. Floornet may use user’s information for statistical purposes;
      3. Floornet may use your personal information in the ordinary course of its business and for promotions and marketing.
      4. Floornet retains the copyright in databases of personal information of users; and
      5. Floornet may share user’s information with business partners for commercial purposes.
    5. By using this web site the user further acknowledges that:
      1. Floornet will release your personal information to a party if it believes that it is required by law or by a court to do so.
      2. Floornet will also disclose your personal information if it believes that this is necessary to prevent or lessen any unlawful or harmful actions
  3. Security of Information
    1. All reasonable steps will be taken to secure a user’s information. Personal information will be stored for as long as it is used and for a period of one year thereafter, together with a record of the personal information and the specific purposes for which it was collected. Personal information will be destroyed once it becomes obsolete.
    2. Where necessary, and whether applicable now or in the future, user’s undertake not to divulge their user name and passwords to any other person
    3. It is expressly prohibited for any person, business, or entity to gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any page on this web site, or to deliver or attempt to deliver any .unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this web site. Any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this web site or attempts to gain unauthorised access to any page on this web site shall be held criminally liable, and in the event that Floornet should suffer any damage or loss, civil damages will be claimed.
  4. Interception
    1. Subject to the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act No. 70 of 2002, the user agrees that Floornet may intercept, block, read, delete, disclose and use all communications sent to , its Floornet, employees, directors and agents and that the user’s consent hereto constitutes consent in writing for the purposes of that Act and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25 of 2002.